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Often computers are pushed to the wall because they are too slow, or low on memory or storage space. Sometimes this can be easily remedied with little or no hardware cost.

If a PC has been left behind in the hardware race, it may be possible to bring it up to scratch in a cost-effective manner. This may range from just adding new memory or hard disc, to exchanging the entire workings of the machine. This can still be cheaper than purchasing a complete new machine, with identical specifications.


If your use of your PC has changed, maybe from just writing letters to becoming a presentations development machine, you may wish that the machine was better equipped. For example, you may want to write CDs, or record music. Maybe you even feel the need to have two monitors in use at once! We can supply and install all types of hardware, allowing you to make the most of what you already have, rather than buying a complete new system just for the sake of one or two new functions.


We can provide consultancy on most aspects of computer work, this will usually be charged at our standard hourly rate. In addition, we can provide engineers to work on-site for less cost. This is ideal if you require some extra 'hands' in your IT department for a matter of hours, or days or even long-term. Again, there is no need for a contract. You can just opt-out if your requirements change.


There are various reasons why your computer may be running slower than it used to. This checkup is suitable for both laptops as well as desktops. One of our engineers will undertake a comprehensive and systematic review of your machine's hardware and software with a view to optimising your machine's potential.


The checkup will encompass the following areas: -

  • Anti-Virus Check
  • Anti-Spyware Check
  • Install Windows updates and security patches
  • Update of Existing Drivers (if possible)
  • Optimise the Startup Routine
  • Remove Redundant Software
  • Check for Duplicated Files
  • Hard Disk Defragment.

Once these checks are complete, the engineer will also provide a report on the machine, including a personalised recommendation for how your machine could be better tailored to your requirements.

I also offer training on all windows OS and Software packages on a one to one basis.